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100% Natural honey bee health solutions

Api Herb

Api Herb for the Nosema Ceranae prevention

Api Herb is a feed supplement for bees containing dried vegetables plants, natural essential oils, vitamin of B group, dextrose.

Bees provided with a right diet are healthier and more resistant to serious pathologies such as nosemosis.

Api Herb is particulary effective to colonies infected with Nosema (N.apis and N.ceranae).

Api Herb

Minimum order 40gr

40g                             $18 + GST

500gr                          $200 +GST

1kg                             $400 + GST

For a full treatment (3 applications) you can treat 42 single brood boxes

For a preventive treatment (2 applications) you can treat 62 single brood boxes

Api Herb

Available in 40g , 500g and 1kg bags